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“I’m writing to tell you what an absolute gem you have in Maggie. I have been seeing her for my frozen shoulder. She listens. She listens to every word and carefully considers what is being said. She takes every description of an ache or pain, or any weird feeling, and somehow comes up with exactly the right way to attend to it. Thanks for having such a terrific therapist on your staff and for having the kind of practice that allows your staff to work to their potential.”

Becky H. of Sunnyvale

“I am writing this note to tell you how happy I am with my therapist Jillian. She has been better than fantastic in helping my shoulder recover from surgery. In addition to her obvious skills as a physical therapist, she is thorough, direct and efficacious. She is amazingly nice and a pleasure to talk with. This combination of an experienced, talented PT with her delightful personality and smarts is exactly what I needed. I will be recommending your office to any and all my patients who need PT. Give her a raise!!”

Todd A. of Menlo Park

“Thank you for all of your hard work! And thank you for hiring Jillian. Working with her has been life-changing for me.”

Sowmya I. of Los Altos

“Lance and his team are awesome! Lance helped me recover from a shattered ankle and made it fun! No pain, just lots of good exercises and encouragement. You will enjoy working with him and won’t want to stop PT! Thanks Lance for getting me back on both feet.”

Michelle M. of Los Altos

“I have a very rare, degenerative neurological condition. I had been turned away from other physical therapy clinics, but Lance was willing to work with me to see how we could manage my condition to try and offset any further deterioration.”

Vera P. of Mountain View

“If you have an injury, Westcott PT is the place to come for sure! I tried 5 different physical therapy clinics and stopped after a few weeks at each place. Lance, the owner, is highly knowledgeable with body mechanics and how to heal an injured or broken part of your body. I give this PT clinic five stars. And most importantly, it is fun coming here!!”

Bret B. of Los Altos

“Lance throws his all into every client interaction. And his Team makes for a fun PT visit every time.” “Tricia puts her body know-how together with a great personal touch to help me make great progress with each PT visit.”

Steve B. of Los Altos

“I have a neurological disease. It happens that Westcott PT is one of the few out-patient PT providers with knowledge about how to deal with it. They are much more personal than the cold PT chains where you’re with an unfamiliar therapist each time. The staff is very friendly and flexible; they also seem accommodating regarding handling your billing for your medical insurance carrier.”

Richard C. of Los Altos

“I came to Westcott for physical therapy related to lower back pain after seeing a spine specialist at Stanford. I received fantastic care from my therapist over a lengthy period of time. While my back pain was not “cured”, we made a great deal of progress by combining ultrasound, manual therapy, and building out a challenging program of core strengthening and stabilization exercises. My therapist was excellent and constantly updating the exercises both during our sessions and my home program, to make sure they were challenging enough to promote continued improvement. Additionally she did a wonderful job explaining what was happening, and why each exercise or stretch we added would contribute to increased functional endurance for my back. I can’t recommend her, and the rest of the Westcott team enough.”

Adam W. of Palo Alto, CA

“I have received excellent care at Westcott PT. The physical therapists are well trained and professional. Sara is always on schedule and provides individualized attention throughout my entire treatment. She and Lance have a great rapport with their patients. The office staff made sure I was well aware of my out of pocket expenses, so there haven’t been any billing surprises. I would highly recommend my friends and family to Westcott PT. I am a physical therapist myself and will happily refer patients here.”

Gretchen C. of Los Altos, CA

“Awesome staff, I felt comfortable and welcome each of my visits. Lance does a great job educating you about your body and helping you not only heal but prevent future injuries!”

“Westcott PT is a really great place. I felt really comfortable and always welcomed at my visits. The staff is very down to earth and makes each visit enjoyable. Lance really takes the time to get to know his patients and tries his hardest to make sure you get the right treatment. I’ve had back pain for about six years now and I finally feel like its getting better. Thank you Westcott PT for all your hard work. You would be crazy not to choose them.”

Kate M. of Los Altos, CA

“I am Westcott Physical Therapy’s biggest fan!!! Lance helped me to recover from a “world class” (my dr.’s words) ankle sprain. He used many different types of therapy to aid my recovery. He really listened to me and cared about how I was doing. He set realistic goals and worked with me to achieve them. I have since spoken about him so much a couple of my friends have gone to see him and have experienced the same level of care. Westcott Physical Therapy is by far the best!”

Linda B. of Los Altos, CA

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